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Special Athlete Track Meet - YEAR 30! 
June 21,  2017!!!! 

Thanks to everyone that participated and helped to run this event for 30 years and for always making it a fabulous day! 

This year we had 350 athletes from 50 schools participate at Garth Webb High School. 

We started with 12 athletes in 1988 when parent Linda Leppek and Physical Education Consultant, Sue Amos started the event 30 years ago.

I was taking adapted Physical Education for my Phys. Ed. Specialist at the University of Toronto that year and joined them that summer when I phoned Sue Amos and said I had an idea. We had incredible chemistry in putting this together for the first few years.  The rest is history.

Thanks to the Special Education Department for years of support. Especially the support I received in the early years, in 1998 to 2008 with Special Education Coordinator Deb Wood and Superintendent Brenda Kearney.  Special mention to Susan Pritchard for her collaborative leadership and amazing secretarial staff through the previous 8 years: Hilary Francey, Mary-Jane Ritchie, Carol Ahern, and Carol Jack.

Thanks to a very supportive SEAC. They were always there supporting athletes.

Thanks to very supportive Education Directors, Superintendents and Trustees through all these years.

Thanks to incredible Educational Assistants and Educational Support Workers who supported their athletes and cheered them on.

Thanks especially  to my team of  Field Marshalls: Corinne Stratford, Leslie Davis , Barry Koepke and Alison McGurk Pabst, for the amazing job of running this event for decades.   Through the years they brought students officials from a variety of schools, who ran the events with incredible enthusiasm and leadership.

Thanks to Steve Morrison for taking over at the mike and for announcing with enthusiasm and to Shelley Gauthier for running Boccia for the last few years.

Watch an outstanding synopsis of the day on this great short video by our board media specialist, Jason Misner.

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Truth and Reconciliation 

July 1st, 2017 - A special day for important conversations.

We have a lot of work to do on this action plan.

As we move past the celebrations of Canada's 150th Birthday, we must look at the diverse issues and problems we face and understand the different stake holders and their points of view. Part of our national family is hurting, and no wonder when we look at the history of how our First Nations people were treated...and how they are still treated. It's had a huge inter-generational impact and severe consequences. 

Our own Chancellor, Shirley Cheechoo at Brock University is a First Nations woman and film maker. Her personal story of assimilation and her life in residential settings is heart wrenching. She survived totally inhumane conditions that no human should have been subjected too.

This short clip is worth watching to help us all understand the issues at hand and to help everyone to start thinking about, how in our sphere of influence, we can make a positive difference. It's been swept under the rug long enough but we are taking steps in the right direction with the Truth and Reconciliation Calls For Action.

It's time for improved understanding of the issues and time for action.

What can you do?
Share the video and start the conversation and your ideas.

Maclean's added a new video: Why some Indigenous people are calling out Canada 150.

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Saturday, 29 April 2017



Fun, informative and thought provoking for the 21st Century Educator
 Check out this sites 2 videos on John Dewey

Listen to his thoughts might have been on:
- technology and how it should be implemented
-  how students learn best
- how classrooms should be designed today to develop future ready students

Click here for the video's on:>> John Dewey and Progressivist Thought

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In this TEDx Talk, Professor Sugata Mitra presents what the future of learning will look like (2016).

Another learning revolution is now taking place.
Have you noticed?

Schools as we know them now are outdated.

Dr. Mitra's last study, "The Computer in the Wall Project", concluded that kids could learn complex things without adult intervention. TEDx gave Dr. Mitra, one million dollars to design his next project.

Do we need lecture halls anymore?

Do we need to memorize knowledge anymore, when everything we want or need to know is right on our phone?

The internet is now a non human intelligent entity that can answer our questions.

Take a look at this video to see how Dr. Mitra spent the money and developed his next research project called "The School in the Cloud.

Click here for the video:>> The School in the Cloud.

Click here for Dr. Mitra's thoughts on the future of University. >> The Future of University

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Friday, 28 April 2017


An outstanding TEDx Talk on the brain and learning.

How does short term memory work?
How can you improve long term memory?

How does the brain change chemically, physically and operate as an integrated network?
What are the effects of these 3  changes on learning?

Check out this video and find out the answers to the above questions.
Your brain will change in the process of watching this video.
Find out how!

Click here for the video: >> The Brain and Learning

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

ETFO RESOURCE MANUAL  ......absolutely excellent!!



This is an outstanding document for new or seasoned teachers. 
This is a must see!!!!
Written by ETFO members and teachers who wish to share their expertise.

Jeanne Gibbs, who developed the research based program called Tribes 
is referenced throughout the chapters too.  

One can see her influence in various chapters that talk about great strategies that develop an environment conducive to learning. 

- Community Circle Ideas
- Building Community
- Summer Post Cards
- Building an Environment Where You Can Take Risks 
- Inclusion
- Addressing Diversity
- Interest Surveys
- Energizers
- Cheers / Applauses / Appreciations
- Making Learning Fun
- Modeling
- How to Build Relationships
- Classroom Layout Ideas and Photos
- Positive Consequences!!! 
- Collaborative Learning 
- Marzano's 9 Strategies
- Inquiry Learning
- Mind Mapping /  Life Maps 
- Conflict Resolution with Class
- Reporting Tips
- Interview Tips
- Student Lead Conferences
- Portfolios
- Technology
- ePortfolios
- Field Trips Preparation
- OT TIPS for Supply Teaching

CLICK HERE to connect >>  The Heart and Art of Teaching

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- Strategies 
- Classroom Management


Monday, 10 April 2017



Neuroscience and Psychology

Unconscious Neural Engagement and Dopamine Response

Watch this 60 Minute Report with Anderson Cooper that was aired April, 2017.

Cell Phones and Social Media have you hooked.  Find Out Why!

An anxiety response to lack of stimulus.

Start a great discussion with your students, teachers and parents.

Click here to view the videos:  Cell Phones Have You Hooked

Click here for second video:     Social Media and Cell Phones

Click here for article three:     Cell Phones: The Drug of Choice

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