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Teachers Face Tough Lessons
London Free Press

Teacher Employment Statistics Report 

One-third of the graduating teachers who proudly walked across a Western University stage Friday will be unemployed this fall.

This article highlights the job prospects for new teachers over the next decade.
See also the OCT Report below.

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Friday, 10 November 2017

Inspiration International Education Ltd. 

 Recruiting Teachers to Locations West of London

Director & President:   Mark Wickens BA; B.Ed; M.Ed.

Contact Information:

Teacher Recruiting Specialist and Professional Agent
Mark supports the recuitment of Canadian teachers to areas west of London, England.  (Watford, Bristol, Somerset) He supports an outstanding recruitment team lead be Mark Fearon, CEO of TeacherHub. See more below on this outstanding agency.

We are built on positive, trusting, professional, supportive, relationships and want to 
develop the best international teaching experience that you can have.

Coaching students for success with enthusiasm and determination

Mark Wickens is a retired acting principal from the Halton District School Board and brings over 
40 years of experience to the teaching profession.  A career highlight was being recruited to teach at River Oaks School, which was the most technologically advanced school in Canada.

As a public school administrator he supported his staff's international field trips to France, the United States and many national cities to explore their education systems, art, history, food and culture.

In 2008 he was hired by the Faculty of Education, Brock University. Mark has lectured on Instructional Methodolgy and supervised new teacher candidate Teaching Blocks for 10 years. 
He has taken students on International Teaching Blocks to Cape Town, South Africa

From 2008 to the present, Mark has assisted and supported new and experienced teachers with locating international teaching positions. 

Mark also supervised the the Continuing Teacher Education AQ ESL Field Placements since 2014.  He has taken students on their Field Placements to multiple cities in China since that time.

Presently he teaches Curriculum Foundations and Philosophy for the Grad and Undergrad Departmement, Faculty of Education, Brock University, with his outstanding teaching partner, Associate Professor, Dolana Mogadime Ph.D.

In 2017 he became the Director and CEO of Nobleton International Education Ltd. He is part of a team that recruits teachers to China.  They also bring students from China to schools in the Halton District School Board (Burlington and Oakville). They run online programs and cultural camps for chinese students and parents.  

In 2017 he started Inspiration International Education Ltd. to support TeacherHub with the recruitment of Canadian Teachers to locations west of London, England.  He really supports the excellent program this company has in place. 
TeacherHub England Offices: 

Teaching Locations: 
             West of London
             Watford Area


Positions Available Now: 
I have 56 positions available as of November 2017
              Language / English  - All Grades 
              Math                         - All Grades 
              Science                     - All Grades 
              Intermediate Subjects- Grades 7 and 8

Why Use  Inspiration International Education?  
My goal is  to provide an excellent transition to my TeacherHub Team in England.

I have visited and toured the schools and have met the administration.   
The principals are very personable and supportive of Canadian staff.

The schools are all very different.  New, old, high performing or on their way up. They are in wealthy suburbs, poor areas and everything inbetween.   

We can shape this experience so that you are in the kind of school you wish to teach in. 

Advantages I can answer questions that you have and address your concerns.
I know the schools and the administration. 
They are very supportive and want you.
We provide PD to help with assessment and the the educational system.
We will talk about pay packages and renumeration early in the process.  I do not want any suprises for you.

It's close to London but has cheaper accommodation!
You can travel to Paris for the weekend!
You can take holidays and travel Europe!

The Team 
I have an excellent team I trust.
       Sarah Morrison:  is an outstanding member of this team and contracted to provide PD.

                                  Sarah and I met in 2013 at a recruiting fair and developed a professional  

                                  supportive friendship built on providing new teacher  graduates and seasoned 
                                  teachers the teaching experience they were looking for.
                                   She will help with: Visas, pick ups from the airport, accommodation, banking

                                   Sarah runs outstanding professional  development sessions to help teachers get 
                                   better acquainted with the curriculum and assessment expectations

                                  She could see that TeacherHub staff and I had the same  high expectations on  
                                  our own performance.  
Our goal is to look after our staff and their needs from 
                                  the point you call us to the point you return home. We want to work to ensure  
                                  that teaching in England is an outstanding experience
     Mark Fearon:  is the CEO of Teacher Hub.
                               Mark and I are great friends and have the same high expectations on your teaching
                               experience in England.
                              He has hired an amazing staff that have the same expectations he and I have!

Write Me Today For An Experience of a Lifetime!!!  
You Will Be Glad You Did!  

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Thursday, 9 November 2017

21st Century Strategies 

Puppets in the Classroom
A great ELL Strategy!!!

Check out this amazing site for Puppets in the classroom.
Full of resources and ideas!!!

Click Here:  Puppets In Practice 

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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Special Athlete Track Meet - YEAR 30! 
June 21,  2017!!!! 

Thanks to everyone that participated and helped to run this event for 30 years and for always making it a fabulous day! 

This year we had 350 athletes from 50 schools participate at Garth Webb High School. 

We started with 12 athletes in 1988 when parent Linda Leppek and Physical Education Consultant, Sue Amos started the event 30 years ago.

I was taking adapted Physical Education for my Phys. Ed. Specialist at the University of Toronto that year and joined them that summer when I phoned Sue Amos and said I had an idea. We had incredible chemistry in putting this together for the first few years.  The rest is history.

Thanks to the Special Education Department for years of support. Especially the support I received in the early years, in 1998 to 2008 with Special Education Coordinator Deb Wood and Superintendent Brenda Kearney.  Special mention to Susan Pritchard for her collaborative leadership and amazing secretarial staff through the previous 8 years: Hilary Francey, Mary-Jane Ritchie, Carol Ahern, and Carol Jack.

Thanks to a very supportive SEAC. They were always there supporting athletes.

Thanks to very supportive Education Directors, Superintendents and Trustees through all these years.

Thanks to incredible Educational Assistants and Educational Support Workers who supported their athletes and cheered them on.

Thanks especially  to my team of  Field Marshalls: Corinne Stratford, Leslie Davis , Barry Koepke and Alison McGurk Pabst, for the amazing job of running this event for decades.   Through the years they brought students officials from a variety of schools, who ran the events with incredible enthusiasm and leadership.

Thanks to Steve Morrison for taking over at the mike and for announcing with enthusiasm and to Shelley Gauthier for running Boccia for the last few years.

Watch an outstanding synopsis of the day on this great short video by our board media specialist, Jason Misner.

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Truth and Reconciliation 

July 1st, 2017 - A special day for important conversations.

We have a lot of work to do on this action plan.

As we move past the celebrations of Canada's 150th Birthday, we must look at the diverse issues and problems we face and understand the different stake holders and their points of view. Part of our national family is hurting, and no wonder when we look at the history of how our First Nations people were treated...and how they are still treated. It's had a huge inter-generational impact and severe consequences. 

Our own Chancellor, Shirley Cheechoo at Brock University is a First Nations woman and film maker. Her personal story of assimilation and her life in residential settings is heart wrenching. She survived totally inhumane conditions that no human should have been subjected too.

This short clip is worth watching to help us all understand the issues at hand and to help everyone to start thinking about, how in our sphere of influence, we can make a positive difference. It's been swept under the rug long enough but we are taking steps in the right direction with the Truth and Reconciliation Calls For Action.

It's time for improved understanding of the issues and time for action.

What can you do?
Share the video and start the conversation and your ideas.

Maclean's added a new video: Why some Indigenous people are calling out Canada 150.

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Saturday, 29 April 2017



Fun, informative and thought provoking for the 21st Century Educator
 Check out this sites 2 videos on John Dewey

Listen to his thoughts might have been on:
- technology and how it should be implemented
-  how students learn best
- how classrooms should be designed today to develop future ready students

Click here for the video's on:>> John Dewey and Progressivist Thought

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In this TEDx Talk, Professor Sugata Mitra presents what the future of learning will look like (2016).

Another learning revolution is now taking place.
Have you noticed?

Schools as we know them now are outdated.

Dr. Mitra's last study, "The Computer in the Wall Project", concluded that kids could learn complex things without adult intervention. TEDx gave Dr. Mitra, one million dollars to design his next project.

Do we need lecture halls anymore?

Do we need to memorize knowledge anymore, when everything we want or need to know is right on our phone?

The internet is now a non human intelligent entity that can answer our questions.

Take a look at this video to see how Dr. Mitra spent the money and developed his next research project called "The School in the Cloud.

Click here for the video:>> The School in the Cloud.

Click here for Dr. Mitra's thoughts on the future of University. >> The Future of University

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